24 June 2007

The end of this turning point of a week!
Normally, on a Sunday, we go for an early morning hike in the forestry but today we just caught up on housework and washing, weeding and watching things grow. The beans popped up today!
Early night, sweet dreams!

23 June 2007

Soul searching?

When you walk on a beach do you keep your head down drawn to the infinite numbers of treasures you might find? Do you scan and search and retrace your footsteps, one more time,for that special glimmer on the periphery of your vision? Is it impossible to resist this urge? Is it the same in the forest, or when you are digging earth in the garden? Shells and stones and seed pods, slivers of polished glass and pottery shards. What is it that we are really searching for?

What is this drive, desire, delight, that we are connected to? There is meaning and magic in what we do.

My daughter's advice.

Recently, my two beautiful daughters came to stay. It has been three years since we have seen one another. Too long. There is a lot more to tell, but this story, of love and laughter, heartache and tears, is not for telling now. My daughters are wonderful women, fun and wise and discerning. I watched them and remembered who I am! Within their duality I caught glimpses of myself. A veil was lifted, a light turned on, a smile returned, how could I have forgotten?

E, told me how she tries to live her life and I asked if she could write it down to remind me.

22 June 2007

Early morning

The day begins with yard fowl cock's crow. It gets lighter earlier at this time of year, lying in bed till 6a.m. feels like a terrible waste. Friday, how our lives are punctuated by our 'proper' jobs, the routines that they demand and the purpose that they give us.

I am a mother, a painter, a wife, a dancer, a grandmother, a designer, a daughter, a poet, a sister, an aunt, an actress, a lover, a singer, a friend, a gardener, a cousin, a teacher, a writer,a fighter, a student, a traveller, a maker of things.
This is me- who I really am- really!

21 June 2007

Sudden interest?

It took a while for me to realise why the dog was showing a sudden interest in what was going on in the garden. What is my husband T.D. doing? Ah yes, tending our new compost maker-



The letter of resignation has been written, seeds have been sown and excitement and anticipation are tempered with self doubt. My boss is away until next week and with a month's notice to work through, life is in limbo, or rather half in and half out of where I need to be. Once the negativity is booted out, there remains a solid stream of positive energy that reassures and demands that this time be used well. Just as the garden is in preparation for things to come. so life has to be prepared also!

20 June 2007

New beginnings.

Today is the first day of a new life. With no money in the bank and $150.00 E.C. in my pocket, I have decided to resign from my job and do what I should have done years ago.
To 'be your self' is easy to say and most of us know who we are but ,sometimes, it evades us, the time, the money, the lack of support or approval, all serve as delaying or postponing tactics, but my time is now and I can delay no longer and I invite you to join me.
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