31 August 2008

Letter to God

Dear God,
So sorry to bother but there are one or two things that have been bothering me for some time now and this seems the perfect moment to discuss them. Firstly, it matters not whether the music in Your Name, be Reggae for Jah or Godster Rap, neither will have any influence on my relationship with You, other than I may be forced to break more than one Commandment, in the near future, if your DJ 'pulls up' again. Secondly, can you please inform all of your preachers, prophets, pastors and priests that I don't like to be shouted at, or do they have to do that because the rest of the flock are stone deaf because of the volume of the above, on what was, up to now, a peaceful Sunday afternoon?

Thanks for listening, if you can hear me,
yours truly,

New Arrivals

16 August 2008

Caribbean pride

Congratulations to Jamaica and Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man.
Also to Richard Thompson and our neighbours in Trinidad and Tobago.
Good luck to our very own Randy Lewis on Sunday/Monday.
Read more here

Friday in St. George's.

In the heat of the day,
when you done sell
and you tired
and you hot
and you hungry,
pass through the gap,
between Digicel and KFC
in Granby Street,

take a seat
and a bite to eat,
a local lunch
or a sandwich
in the cool inner courtyard
relax a while

leave the hustle and bustle
and bask in a smile.

15 August 2008


It is noon and too hot to work.
I walk home
by way of the river.

8 August 2008


Still a bit fuggish but it seems to be clearing. I was going to write a post about carnival but BBB has done an excellent job already.

4 August 2008


Am in a fug
but not for long,
I found a place
to make me strong.

Just click on the camel.

Emancipation Day Holiday

Today is a public holiday to celebrate Emancipation Day, which was actually on Friday gone. As we walked home from Corn Buck, Dave and friends were by Connie's Shop, and wished us Happy Easter. They were well emancipated, as we may be, later on.

1 August 2008


Sometimes, without the slightest notion of why,
a little seed starts to grow. This one began
and led me
which turned out to be the same website that appeared
when I was trying to find the fungi from the previous post.
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