30 July 2008


Candy striped, tiny toadstool,
found hiding beneath the foliage,
when weeding a drain.

29 July 2008

Grenada's Randy Lewis Wins Men's Triple Jump

In Monte Carlo today at the IAAF World Athletics Tour

'The men’s Triple Jump was won with a 17.42m performance from Grenada’s Randy Lewis, so defeating World champion Nelson Evora of Portugal who improved his season’s best by one centimetre (17.24) for second place. Third was Dmitrij Valukevic of Slovakia (17.20).'

Congratulations Randy, what an achievement.

17 July 2008

Stormy Weather

At this time of year we watch the waves of weather, that race off the West coast of Africa. We chart their gradual progress, from their conception, with curiosity, to their imminent arrival, with concern. One such wave has passed us and my attention is caught by the most recent. When viewing these images with detachment, I can afford the luxury of being able to admire their undeniable beauty and form. The chart featured here demonstrates the power of these images. It fills me with wonder to watch the way in which The Canary Islands are, seemingly, excluded from participating in precipitation.

15 July 2008


I weed beans, therefore, I am.

11 July 2008

Guyana Beware

I am not usually a political animal but jus' so you know.

9 July 2008

Yellow Yellow

No batteries for the camera at the moment but just to let you know we all very happy, here in beautiful Grenada.

4 July 2008

All work and no play...................

Can it really be

seven months, since we

went to the beach?
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