26 January 2016

Pigeon Peas

Sitting side by side, we watch the footie whilst shelling peas.

4 December 2015


walls can

they speak
ocean passages

quarried ethnicity
handled, heft
and hewn.
Listen up,
for all

29 September 2015

Full Harvest Blood Moon

She danced with the cherry tree after breaking free
from behind the mountain.

When the shadow of the home of humankind 
claimed her radiant face, ours upturned as one
and basked in the silent awe of her pale blood blush .

26 September 2015

Sun, heat and shade

It is so hot. Energy is scarce and calls for a stroll in the shade of the cocoa,  yearning for a rustle of leaves from a cooling breeze.

22 September 2015

New Beginnings

It has been  over a year and, one day, I might write about the time spent away, but for now I am happy to share the beginnings of a new project being undertaken by an inspirational friend of mine.
The space in which this story starts has held many stories before this one,

but before very long, here, as you step through the door, your senses will  be greeted by the familiar, intoxicating (and yet, surprisingly, still little known) world of all that is cocoa and chocolate.
It seems fitting that these walls will hold history, process and the magic of artisans learned over centuries, whilst providing a special space for everyone to relax  learn, unwind, share and enjoy.
I have been very fortunate to be present at the beginning of several of my friend's projects and so look forward to seeing where this one will transport us all.

18 August 2014

Cocoa, Shells, Beans and Basket

Acrylic on canvas 30" x 36"

Today marks the start of Grenada Chocolate Fest. and the opening of the
"In Celebration of Chocolate" exhibition at the Art and Soul Gallery.

20 July 2014

Another island,another time.

Ios, Cyclades, Greece, 1972


 with a rescue cat that we brought from Athens. 

Home, Mylapota Valley

10 June 2014

Lesser Antillean Tanager

The cherry tree today was host to one of my all time favourite birds.
This little beauty is only found here in Grenada. and in
St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
You can find out more here

3 June 2014

Mary and the postcards

Mary and the postcards Jackie Morris, an artist, illustrator, writer and dragon lady extraordinaire is holding the most wonderful give away! Why not pop over to her blog and give yourself a visual feast and a chance to win. :)

2 June 2014


Found frog again

She was lying
on top of the
newly cleared
ground where
we used to have
a little house once
upon a time.

I don't think
she is an

she was bought
from Michael
who carves
stone items
but I really
when or
where I got
her from.
She had
survived a
cutlass blow
or two...
but it was good
to hold her again.

In Kalinago
is associated
with the rainy
season so I am
hoping that our
reunion is a
good omen
and a sign
of water
to come.
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