28 May 2010

Of football and flights of fancy.

We went up to the pasture to watch the football on Sunday. We had a great time, our team won 5-2 and the commentators were as colourful as the game.

The pasture is up the road from where we live and it was lovely to have a change of scenery and a day out.
On the way to the rum shop, with the promise of music and talk and lambie waters, T showed me this.

18 May 2010

The Art of Mary Fedden RA


Mary Fedden is one of my favourite artists. She is 95 years old and still painting.
How I wish I could go to see this exhibition.

Portland Gallery now represents Mary Fedden and is holding an exhibition of new paintings, to be sold on her behalf
27 MAY - 11 JUNE 2010
Images and details of the paintings to be featured in the exhibition may be viewed now on our website via the link below.

Paintings are for sale prior to the opening of the exhibition and may be viewed by appointment. Please do let the gallery know if any paintings are of interest as we are able to place a protective reserve on works for you. If you are interested in any paintings already reserved, please do not hesitate to contact the gallery as these may become available.
For further information please contact Emily Johnston or Benjamin Walton
Portland Gallery
8 Bennet Street
0207 493 1888
Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

17 May 2010

The View From The Shed

T left early for Corn Buck this morning. The rain
met me just as I was about to make the fourth
and last river crossing. Taking cover in the dry
leaf mold below the old tree, I realised this was a
'whole day rain' and was just thinking of making
a dash for it when T arrived, in chivalrous fashion,
bearing a whole piece of old galvanise above his
head, in order to shelter and escort me across
the river and into the shed, where we drank hot,
sweet, strong coffee from the flask and shared our
riotously ambitious, rain inspired, dreams for the future .
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