11 July 2007

In the past.

As I leave this place of work the vibrant warm hues that the girls and I painted in the fuggy dark heat of the post Ivan, still without current, mall, with the company of the Special Forces in their bullet proof vests and touting machine guns, will be just a memory.

7 July 2007

T is saving his empty beer bottles, he needs 24, on the grounds that it is cheaper to buy a case. Carib beer has just gone up to $5 E.C. a bottle . My suggestion that this abundance of beer might make for a false, if happy, economy, was met with a puzzled expression!

3 July 2007

Time and other stuff

So how is it that at the start of a new project e.g blogging, our enthusiasm for something new powers us to 'keep at it ' and then, unexpectedly, we lose the momentum, something interrupts us and we slide a slippery slope of priorities, until, what we were most animated about suddenly becomes a lesser priority? I don't know the answer to this but I do know the experience, repeatedly, through life, and I refuse, absolutely, to allow this to happen again, here and now!

This is important to me, even if there are distractions, inconsistencies and pitfalls along the way. I must maintain this account of what I now recognise as ' the last chance" episode of my life. This is the time to put into practice all that I have learned, all that I want to learn and all that I can share, there won't be any second chances, if ever there were any, and time is racing ahead of me.

The way I see it , if I am lucky enough to remain in good health, sound of mind and body, I have at the most 20 more years of this little life to do something with. How can I have drifted through it for so long. Admittedly life's currents , karma, have taken me in some interesting places but there comes a time when all of us need to be at the helm of our lives. I'm sure this must seem ridiculous to some people, the fact that at my age, this has never occured to me before, perhaps I thought that I was at the helm but simply didn't realise that I was adrift on a raft made of dreams and the desire to please.

1 July 2007

Roadshow is back!

Coming up to carnival the preparations are in progress! The good news is, the local village road shows, that were banned last year and prevented by the police, are being allowed this year, within reasonable hours and areas, and our village held it's first road show today. It was good to see a real cross section of the community enjoying themselves, embracing the culture and unhampered by bad behaviour. We are experiencing an unprecedented amount of youth violence at the moment, "badness out o' style" not being observed by the disaffected youth that so badly need a voice,
positive role models and direction.

Answers are hard to come by but open hearts and minds are always a good starting point.

Humour finds it's way into the most unlikely of places though and it was amusing to see the latest carnival style is to sport as many elastoplast as possible, all feigned injuries hopefully!
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