15 March 2010

The Charcoal Burners

A number of trees in the garden had mealy bug

so R and K came and cut them down
and made a coal pit.
After fencing it in with fig stalks and galvanise
they then lit it, covered it with earth and left
it to smolder for a few days.
They checked it every day to make sure it did not burst
and when deemed ready, they opened it and raked out the coals,
only using a little water and mostly earth to out the fire, in order
that the coals would 'ring' .......
...... the tinkling sound that tells you that the coals are nice and dry and will burn well.
Making coals is really hard work, T and I did it once after Ivan but this time we just supplied the wood and got some free coals and good company in exchange. A bucket of local coals at today's price will cost you $15 E.C.

9 March 2010

Shelling Peas

Taking another pod
she makes it
using her nail
to split it,
she then
frees the peas,
the slide of
her thumb,
into the
stainless steel bowl.
the empty shell
fall to the floor,
she picks another one.
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