27 February 2009

What would you have done?

It was hot when I was planning on leaving town this afternoon. On reaching the bus terminal I was the first and only passenger. School was out but no-one seemed to be in any hurry to go home and I knew it would be a while before the bus filled up, which would entail sitting in the dark and the dust and the heat and the fumes that are integral to the building's design. (Whoever designed the terminal should be made to sit, interminably, on a bus that is waiting to fill ) I digress. I decided to go back into town and buy a soda from the nearest rum shop with a small veranda, that offers the chance of some breeze, a place to people watch and a nicotine opportunity. Now, I know this is a rum shop and can get a little rumbustious but everyone is friendly and we are accustomed going there and being outside is different from being inside. I buy the soda and take myself outside, sip, inhale, relax. Wonderful. It was only on hearing a raised, male, repetitive voice, from the opposite end of the veranda, that I realised all was not well. He seemed to be remonstrating a beautiful woman for something she had or had not done. When he pelted his half full drink in the drain, by way of demonstrating how vexed he was, I knew this was turning nasty. Quite a few people passing, slowed and turned to watch as he put his hands around her throat and shook her hard, but none stopped. He propelled her down my end of the veranda at the point where I was really hoping someone from inside would hear what was happening and come and restrain him. He was big, I am small and his wife/ girlfriend, whilst taller, was mute and passive, as he pushed hard and prodded hard and cursed harder. I knew where this was going, you could see the extreme anger about to surface, like milk when it is about to boil over. I felt like I had to catch it before it was too late. The veranda is small, I had my back to the wall and they were about six inches in front of me. He had her pinned to the railings. I cannot deny that I did want to up and leave at that point, but it just seemed so wrong. I heard a very small voice say "Excuse me", so I tried a little harder and shouted, in my best 'you are a very naughty child' voice, "EXCUSE ME. " and I hoped it would provide a little diversion for her to escape while he focused, as he did, eventually, on me. The response was what I should have expected and, thankfully, nothing more . "SHUT YOUR @#%&IN @%^*" Ah, yes, well, I did as I was told but not before going back into the shop and alerting them to what was happening and then, quietly, headed back to the bus. I was shaken. I have no idea what happened after I left, perhaps everyone laughed and ended up friends but I don't think so, was it a stupid thing to do, drawing attention to myself in an already volatile situation? Did my actions change anything? I doubt it. I write this post having read this just recently, I hate any form of confrontation and much prefer to live a quiet life but sometimes, I have to speak.
What would you have done?

24 February 2009





Yes Tom,
can you go
and sit
else please?
I want to
stretch that

I'll just lie down
here then"

Tom, I need the

what you doing there?
I trying to paint.


Oh f*#@k
now look
what happen,
the paper
while my
back turn.

"What this is
"Dunno Dick,
I just
minding me
seems like
she vexed
for some

"I wouldn't
eat that if
I were you"

lay off the
Rose Madder
will you,
is all I have left.

"Told you"


..... and
who pelt
the drawing board
in the yard?

18 February 2009


After weeks of unseasonal rain, the late afternoon sun kisses basking grafted limes.
The strong long shadows awake me to the fact that I have not left the house in a week.

14 February 2009

Kite Season 1

This bamboo kite is 6' tall and will require skill and strength to fly it.
Kite season commences with a very strong breeze that threatens to burst the strongest twine. The raging bull lullaby affords me deep sleep , safe in the knowledge that our sheets are well hidden.

9 February 2009

Grenada Arts Council Annual Exhibition

"Coconuts with trunk detail" Acrylic on canvass 20" x 16" Sold .

I almost decided against entering the Grenada Arts Council Annual Exhibition but .....
With thanks to all those who encouraged me, especially, T, E & Z, Dad, Francis, YingYang , the people who bought it and all at GAC. The Exhibition is on until the end of February, situated in Young Street, St George's, in the old Bain's Sports World shop, opposite Courts, and is well worth a visit. There is some amazing and wonderfully diverse work on show and the venue is perfect.

5 February 2009

Hoop and stick

Some boys in the village playing the ever popular hoop and stick game, in the road after school.
The stick is made from a bent piece of wire and the hoop from the rim of a plastic bucket cover.
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