30 May 2012

Xena The Weather Dog

Xena, trusty hound and constant companion, knows a thing or two. Storm Carib might well have something on their radar but once Xena makes her move beneath the kitchen sink, (a feat now performed with some difficulty as she's not so nimble as before), a weather is coming for sure.

29 May 2012

25 May 2012

21 May 2012

Happy Monday

We started the day in Corn Buck. It has been a long time since we went up together with lunch and a purpose. The weather was kind, no rain, and a cloud filtered sun . T had begun work up there already and invited me to join him 'just to see'.

I saw

and set to, freeing stones. There is something delightful about cutting this bush, there are no monetary rewards, no fanfares or applause but once free of vine and vegetation, the stones stand for something that I cannot explain other than to say it matters.

T took the opportunity to wash the dogs' bedding in the river, spreading them out to dry on warm river stones, which have totally different personalities from the ones in the bush.

Once home I did my share and washed the white things, a task
divided into manageable bites by frequent internet visits and refreshments  between rinses, combined with some lively music to maintain the momentum.

18 May 2012


I woke to find Edward prostrate on the mat. 
Despite having had the stuffing knocked out of him he still wore that ''Don't worry, I understand'' expression.
I felt guilty. Poor Edward. How could I have forgotten him?

my apologies to Jeneveve who chose this week's Weekword and unbelievably I chose the same subject matter as she did! Her sketch is wonderful and I feel even worse for Edward now that I know I didn't do him justice!

10 May 2012


To leave the village
we travel by bus to St. George's.
My favourite seat is at the very back
on the left hand-side, when sitting.
As we fly down to town, 
braced for corners and the unexpected,
listening to a favourite tune,
(click the link now to get the bus vibe )
from the little sliding window
it is possible to enjoy a veritable feast of 
fleeting images, seemingly
imprinted with a magical stamp,
on the back of the brain.
In just a fraction of a second,
just at that moment when a breeze
passes through, there it is.
The gift of a glimpse.

I wonder what these wonderful people have glimpsed this week:

and who to pick for next week's Weekword?

6 May 2012


This week found me feeling a little lazy, but then I read Peggy's post and her delightful choice of word and illustration for Weekword, 'Sloth'! I remember thinking how nice it would be to join in,  and then she tapped me for this week! Thank you Peggy.

So, energised, enthused and honoured,  my choice for this week's 'Weekword' is:

I do hope you will join in the fun and share what you can glimpse.

Oh and by the way:


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