28 June 2008

Green Herons

As seen, yesterday, from the bar of the
Grenada Yacht Club.

25 June 2008

Blown away

We have had a lot of heavy wind and rain.
The Antillean Bullfinches are rebuilding.

21 June 2008

Lemongrass harvest

Lemongrass is easy to grow,
makes a tea that is good for you,
tastes delicious, and provides a fragrance
that soothes, revives and repels

It does not give these gifts kindly,
the leaf edge
does cut like a razor blade,
albeit anti bacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic.

Effective against fever, flatulence, inflammation,
cramps, stress and indigestion,
toxicity and hypertension.

17 June 2008

Trueway Cobway


These were drying in the sun on our way home from work today.

16 June 2008

Mango Magic

After a morning spent weeding, there is nothing
quite like sucking on a Julie mango, in the shade.

14 June 2008

My Music

I love music. I love how it revives me, moves me, uplifts and surprises me. Life without music is no life at all. I love soca and reggae, I can live without Celine Dion and most of the Top 40 but there are times that I long to hear something other. Not being in possession of a credit card or a budget sufficiently large enough to purchase C.D's, or any idea of what I wanted, I had, until recently, a bit of a dilemma. How was I to give my consciousness a little shift, for those times in the studio, when ideas are brewing, or when I want to drown out the sound of the cartoons from someone else's T.V., or when the heated, rum enhanced, discussion,

"Watch, le' me tell ya sumthin'"

flies in from the road, at the very moment when the artwork was balancing on a tightrope of completion, or what about when I just feel to sit and sip on a glass of wine and gaze across the valley?
Little did I know that help was at hand.

Free Albums Galore is an excellent blog that brings you succinct, interesting album reviews, drawing from a truly eclectic mix. I really like the format and the download is free, simple and safe, and doesn't require me to know one end of an ipod or an MP3 player, from the other.
Today, I chose;

which you can read about and download here.

At the Lisztonian website, you can enjoy

"free classical piano music from popular composers and works".

Once again, this is a secure site, safe and easy to use but the interesting thing about this site is the pianist. Jeremiah Jones is hoping to buy his own Steinway. I hope this mention will excuse my lack of financial contribution, but for anyone else who feels the need for a personal pianist, in their own home, I can truly recommend Jeremiah's recordings.

12 June 2008

Of all the breadfruit trees in all the world and you had to fall out of mine.

These two fell out of the breadfruit tree today. They are
temporarily housed in this little cage, to protect them from
the yard fowl and the cat, but I am hoping their mother will
return to claim them. The nest is not their own. They are,
approximately, 2 -3" long, have black and tan wing feathers
and their bills are slightly hooked. Baby ground doves
What to do? If no birds come to claim them,
what and how to feed them? I like birds, but
not in the house, owing to a bad experience
with next door's budgie, as a child.

11 June 2008

St. George's.

Having paid the light and phone bill we enjoy
the shade of the Sendall Tunnel, on our way
to pay the water bill.

On our return, school is out and we take a
five and drink a soda and watch this building
that once was known as 'Our Place', on the
corner of Halifax and St John's Street,

where jazz once played, with Preston Holas
and Bumpy Jones, where Dave Stewart
once jammed with them, as Jerry Hall looked on.

3 June 2008


rain clouds
tail end
dry season

1 June 2008

Forest canopy

The only place to be, when waiting for a rain to fall , awash
in waves of deep heat, on this, the first day of hurricane season.
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