28 September 2008


We reach the garden early, in time to sip coffee
and watch the sun appear from behind the mountain.

Silently, wet and dripping, a heavy dew has settled over night,
and, as the sun's rays spear, a magical thing happens.

Little spirals of steam dance from the fig leaves
and disappear.

22 September 2008


Four flour sacks,
lovingly hand stitched,
French seams,
bleached, washed, rinsed,
island breeze and sun dried,
bleached, washed, rinsed,
island breeze and sun dried,
bleached, washed, rinsed,
island breeze and sun dried,
bleached, washed, rinsed,
the sheet that does caress,
cools and comforts,
so recently, sweat soaked,
now, shower scrubbed, skin.
Priceless bed linen.

13 September 2008

From coconuts to compost

I sit in the shade of
the coconut palm
and drink a young coconut water,
that T has given me
to cure my stomach upset.

I watch as T
cuts and carries the grass,
for our new compost maker.

It is heavy.

When your land
is in need of enrichment
and you have no cow,
no problem,
borrow one,
that way you get
free manure
and the owner has
one less animal to feed.

Others view the proceedings
with indifference, but then,
they have seen it all before.

7 September 2008

More thoughts on weather

Peering through the louvers towards Ross hill, I can see the rain clouds approaching.
The heat has been building these past few days and this tropical wave will bring a welcome relief to all of us here in Grenada. However, it is not easy to enjoy our respite. All of us here that experienced Hurricane Ivan, know full well how the people of the Turks and Cacaos must be feeling and can only imagine the horror of what is happening in Haiti. We fear for our friends in Cuba who brought light to this village after five months without any. It is impossible to truly explain how it feels to survive a major hurricane.
I watch The Weather Channel with despair. I know this is an American programme but the reporting on their Tropical Update section is so unsympathetic to the peoples of the Caribbean that it enrages me. Here is an opportunity, if ever there was one, to invite aid and assistance and yet we are glanced over with barely a mention, unless the weather system in question, is likely to affect the U.S.
Thunder rolls above my head and brings an end to this post.
To be continued....

4 September 2008


All or thoughts are with those who are are on islands that are experiencing the forces of nature that overwhelm and destroy. Right now , right here, we have unusual heat and no rain.

2 September 2008

Buddha Still Life With Pink Stapler

Note to self; never a good idea to try and sketch Buddha when in a vexation with said self.
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