18 January 2011


When I made my New Year's Resolution, I knew then that, as flippant as it sounded, it was not going to be an easy one to keep. I know that fun can be found in everything that we do, from washing wares and clothes, letting the suds foam in our hands, feeling the stream of water from the pipe flowing through our fingers, to the  watching of stars and playing cards by candlelight to the sound of the river and the song of the tree frogs under the moon.
The thing is, for some reason, sometimes I forget. I forget to get up,step up, lighten up. I forget to step outside my head, that tangled interior which is mostly full of dreams and incessant narrative, and look around. This year I promise myself to remember, to deliberately set aside time for, to partake of this small sounding thing that costs nothing and yet is priceless.

2 January 2011

Pet Projects

I give you Buffy and Max, the source of my resolution for 2011, .....to have fun!
Acrylic on canvass 11" x 14".
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