13 February 2010

Burning Bush

Up here in the hills
dry season is traditionally
a time for clearing land
and burning bush
but this year, it has come
with an early vengeance and
the breeze is all of a bluster
to fan the flames.

9 February 2010

Home Grown

We are picking the cocoa from
the few remaining trees in
Corn Buck,

fermenting the beans in a bucket,
which seems to work fine,

and then drying them in the sun.
Xena has kindly allowed us to use
her house as the drying shed.
T has shown me how to 'parch'
or roast them, over the fire and then
we will grind them and make cocoa balls
for cocoa tea.

...but secretly, I would really like to do this......

8 February 2010


Children from Constantine school parade through the village to celebrate Independence Day. I especially love those cool shades and the green shoes........
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