26 April 2012


 The hunter/gatherer returns with smiles and salty tales
of tangled rock snared lines,well cast,
yet destined for the deep.
 The mountain man, so adept in the river and its' pools.
was out of depth, and patience, as the sea ran with his spool
of tackle, spent, hooks, lines and sinkers,
the sun was sinking too,
when Barracuda made his move
and brought this gift to you.

1 April 2012

The Turning Point

Can it be true? Can a whole year and some have passed since I was last here? One thing I notice is this place, was it not a little dark?, Time to let the sunshine in me thinks, pull back the curtains, open all windows and let the breeze pass through. Hang on to your hats if you're ready for the ride, the arrival of a new computer is indeed a joyous thing and coincides with a joyful spirit flinging me headlong towards all positive things. Thank you thank you thank you.
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