31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

I just want to wish each and everyone of you who finds your
way to our little blog dot on the globe a very Happy New Year
for 2013! It is always a pleasure to find you were here with us.
I felt that I had had a difficult time during 2012, as I am sure
many of you did also, but yesterday Chookooloonks gave me
a gift of perspective which completely altered my view and
made me realise just how wonderful 2012 really was!
If you took any photographs during 2012 then you too can
experience this by visiting her blog. It may bring a tear or two,
but I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
The very wonderful T also surprised me with a gift today,
a hand carved fish he made to bring a smile to the face of a
Piscean who sometimes swims too deep.
I leave you in the safe hands of Mr Paul Weller xxx            

30 December 2012

Chavela Vargas: No Soy de Aqui, Ni Soy de Alla.

I'm not from here, nor from there
I have no age, nor future
And being happy is the color of my identity

We come to the end of 'another year' but what if
this one is the last? Not in a morbid way or with
regret but, in the words of Maurice Sendak
live your life live your life live your life

Craft in America

Rarely do we get to watch art or craft programs on television.
T subscribes to the sports channels, being an avid cricket and
football fan and we have a basic package that brings us various
'reality' TV shows, CNN, God, cartoons, local 'news' and 
advertisements that exhort us to purchase products unavailable
here. However, currently showing on Channel 44, PBS, is
Craft in America. Wonderful. Catch it while you can!
One never knows when our cable provider will decide we
have seen enough and take it off without warning, as recently
experienced with the final episode of Survivor Philippines!

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