22 September 2015

New Beginnings

It has been  over a year and, one day, I might write about the time spent away, but for now I am happy to share the beginnings of a new project being undertaken by an inspirational friend of mine.
The space in which this story starts has held many stories before this one,

but before very long, here, as you step through the door, your senses will  be greeted by the familiar, intoxicating (and yet, surprisingly, still little known) world of all that is cocoa and chocolate.
It seems fitting that these walls will hold history, process and the magic of artisans learned over centuries, whilst providing a special space for everyone to relax  learn, unwind, share and enjoy.
I have been very fortunate to be present at the beginning of several of my friend's projects and so look forward to seeing where this one will transport us all.


  1. Hello, hello, hello!

    I missed you! I miss that artsy, Grenada feel you bring.

    I had cocoa milk this morning. Salut :-D

    1. Missed you too GG . One day it would be lovely if we could sit and chat with our cocoa xxx


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