11 December 2008

Perfect Packaging

Mahogany seed pod five segments twelve seeds sixty trees

click on the photo to see actual size


  1. The fullmoon and mahogany seed pod, what a combination. Growing up I enjoyed looking at the seeds spin their way from the top of the trees to the ground. Sometimes the journey was not a stright line.
    Enjoy the fullmoon tonight.

  2. Hi Lemongrass, I like your growing up observations, I often have my nose to the ground but tomorrow I will look up.This pod was a gift to me courtesy of the very strong breeze we had last week. It was closed when I found it and every day it reveals a little more of its' magic, and thank you for the reminder to enjoy the full moon.

  3. Some mature pods would open while on the tree allowing the wind/breeze to scatter the seeds in every direction. The magic and wonders of nature, continue to enjoy, learn and respect it.


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