28 January 2009

Ball box with stones

Pencil on watercolour paper 9" x 12"

I find observation drawing to be a taxing discipline but
I only just discovered that it forms an imprint on my mind,
for a short while, so that the drawing can be recalled from
memory, to serve as an accessible, inner reference, for
more expressive images.


  1. Hi :)
    Hope your New Year is coming along just fine...
    I found a resonance your thoughts on drawing objects- still life...
    I went through art school, so I know the dicipline that is required...the whole act is meditative..it slows you down...
    and when you are done ...and you look around you find your senses are sharper...you see more...

    Thanks for the inspiration
    Love + light

  2. Hi Sabrina,
    The New Year is going good so far, hope yours is too, drawing was not taught as a subject per se, when I was a student back in the seventies, but I encountered a wonderful teacher, who had the patience of a saint, and it was he who showed me how to really 'see'. You are right, it is meditative, and you emerge , as if from the deepest pool, into a new environment that has been waiting for you while your time has been standing still.

  3. Like the result :-) But the process reminds me of my class (in film school) in geometry drawing, when I had to draw a sun ray falling at an accanthus leaf at 45 degrees. I would have much prefer to do it as an observation drawing instead of doing all those measurements (not seeing the object) and then draw according to them. Boy, was THAT a torture! P.S. Did you get your Chinese warrior calendar?

  4. Oh, that would make my brain hurt....
    no calendar as yet but the post does take forever and we should be able to check the box tomorrow, am excited. Will let you know when it arrives. x thanks Minerva

  5. mmm i always wanted to draw,but alas i cannot.beautiful drawing zooms. dx

  6. Thanks D, you do make beautiful pictures.x

  7. Zooms, this a wonderful work. I hope you are going to exhibit with the Arts Council?

  8. Thanks bbb. monday, hmmm, have to wait and see...........

  9. LOvely stuff. You are very clever.

    I find getting the position of all correct taxing, but once that's done, it's like embroidery, and it does take you to another place........

  10. gorgeous! always happy to stop by your site!

  11. why thank you Blackgirl from Mars, it's always a pleasure to see you here.


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