19 March 2009

Grenada Arts Council

The Grenada Arts Council, following the success of their Annual Open
Exhibition, decided to hold a juried show. News of this welcome
event arrived at short notice. I was trying to force a three painting
series, as stipulated in the rules,which resulted in a lot frustration,
an errant muse and a headache. Then I remembered these small
illustrations that I have been working on, with a view to submitting
them for use in the tourist, hospitality and agricultural sectors.
Nothing ventured etc.

Cocoa pods and beans drying on the galvanise
Acrylic on canvass 8"x8" Sold

Nutmeg tree Acrylic on Canvass 8"x8

'Saffron' (turmeric) Flower, stem and tubers
Acrylic on canvass 8"x8"

The show runs until the end of the month in the old Bain's sports shop in Young Street in St George's, where you will be able to see, and have the opportunity to purchase, an eclectic delight of work by local artists.


  1. Ventured = gained! Congrats!
    I love all of them. One of these days I need to take a cruise to Grenada and pick one for myself.

  2. 'cocoa pod and beans drying on galvernize' my favorite. Great pieces

  3. Lemongrass, thank you so much and bye the way I haven't forgotten your request, I just don't know where to send them.

  4. These are wonderful! I love all of them.

  5. Hi Peggy and thank you, I had fun doing these, something I sometimes forget to have.

  6. Congrats!! I really love the top two paintings. The square format lends well to the works. Keep on having fun!!

  7. And I like the second and third one.

    What's the response like so far? Lots of visitors to the show? Enthusiasm level high?

  8. Hi GG, thanks and yes, the response has been great, just looking forward to when the Arts Counsil get a permanent home. Love the lips xxx


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