13 May 2009

Stress, Public Enemy and Escapism

1. Stress
If your passport was issued by any of the 'red' countries and you want to travel to certain European countries, you will need one of these. (You do not need to order this kit and pay, the application forms are available free, online, to print out and fill in) I think the red colour is particularly subtle. Is that a gray area I see on the West coast of Africa? Also this astounded me somewhat.

2. Public Enemy
Apparently I am wrong in my belief that the pipe in the back yard is for our use, for which we pay Nawasa every month, and have offended those, who have their own pipes but would prefer to use ours.

In order to escape from the above I took refuge here where I have just won my first award.....
for being a workaholic.


  1. yeah... travelling to europe is so much red tape for us... sigh...

    did you put a pock on the pipe or something?

    lol... you're a virtual workaholic??? wow...

  2. Hi Will, true, lots of red tape, almost there, wish T luck............

    No, no lock off, just asked them to use their own........... big mistake on my part, mainly due to stress from the above................

    yes, how sad is that? Have forgotten how to have fun and have no idea how to earn enough points to pay for a bath, heehee.........

    all a voyage of discovery

  3. Unbelievable.

    Except the part about the workaholic. Only I have a feeling that work is play for you, dear. : )

  4. Hey Zooms
    Thanks for dropping by. How does one become a virtual workaholic...in the lovely Spice isle?

  5. Slacker, your welcome, how?
    by having two daughters who 'challenged' me,
    you would think i would have learned not to take the bait by now......can't resist, must get out more.

  6. ...and thanks for the award! One of my favourite 'out' locations was Bathway...highly recommended by the way

  7. oh dear... pipe in the backyard being owned, staked and claimed by non-owners, illegal stakers, and what should be called disclaimers?? Oh dear! Sympathies.

  8. Ruthibelle, it was all my fault, I should have learned to hush my mouth by now. All is well, have apologised for emotional outburst and now everyone asks before using pipe :)


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