9 February 2010

Home Grown

We are picking the cocoa from
the few remaining trees in
Corn Buck,

fermenting the beans in a bucket,
which seems to work fine,

and then drying them in the sun.
Xena has kindly allowed us to use
her house as the drying shed.
T has shown me how to 'parch'
or roast them, over the fire and then
we will grind them and make cocoa balls
for cocoa tea.

...but secretly, I would really like to do this......


  1. Hello Zooms! I'm drinking hot cocoa daily through this coooold winter!

  2. ohhh, I would love to make my own cocoa balls. or chocolate :-)

  3. Hi indigomar, oooh yes, nothing like wrapping freezing cold fingers around a hot mug of cocoa, blowing and then sipping....
    here, we wait till it has cooled down.....unless it's one of our chilly 69'F nights....

  4. Hi Chennette, lovely to see you here, next time you are in Grenada, walk up the river a bit from Annandale Falls and there we will be :)

  5. I can't belive I have only just found your lovely blog. I would love to be able to make my own cchocolate as well. Although I do find that hot chocolate made from it is a little more 'oily' than the powdered sort. What are you going to use to grind them?

  6. Ah, will have to make a plan then. I admire your fortitude with the gardening. And the collection of spiderwebs :-D

  7. hi wizzy, thank you for visiting! yes, is very oily, and more like coffee grounds than cocoa powder, but sooo nice, we have a hand mill to grind them, almost there, ..can't wait.. :)
    Chennette, my fortitude is sadly amiss at the moment, back has gone again..but T is valiantly carrying on without his helper who just gets to wet the plants and gaze.....


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