9 March 2010

Shelling Peas

Taking another pod
she makes it
using her nail
to split it,
she then
frees the peas,
the slide of
her thumb,
into the
stainless steel bowl.
the empty shell
fall to the floor,
she picks another one.


  1. I dislike doing that immensely ... why can't we just boil them with the shells on??

  2. I always start out feeling good, doing this. After a while, the finger that opens the pod gets sticky, and sore between skin and nail.

  3. Thank you Will,
    I might just give your idea a try Ruthibelle, but I have a feeling that that sticky stuff that GG mentioned might not taste so good....
    and yes GG, I feel the same way. all enthusiasm at the beginning and sore at the end. I don't like the little caterpillars either!

  4. I love this poem. I can imagine it in a meditative sound loop as one shells the peas over and over...

    I just planted my peas a few days ago.

  5. peggy thank you..for getting exactly where and how this poem came from..................
    hope you enjoy yours xxx

  6. Shelling peas is one of my more favorite jobs, I don't like to eat them raw I just like podding the peas.

  7. hi Glennis, nice to see you here, ah yes, think we might be speaking of different 'peas'. ours grow on a little tree and have to be cooked, or you can leave them to dry ....the shelling thing is the same though :)


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