16 April 2010


It is raining.
Beautiful, big,
tropical raindrops
join together to form
vast swathes of grey,
slow moving,
opaque sheets of
heavy wetness.
A rhythmic,
suserrant fanfare
announced their
imminent arrival.
A thrumming,
on broad leaves,
calls time on the
interminable drought,
soothes heat brittled nerves,
rehydrates soil and soul.


  1. Ah...so lovely.

  2. Beautiful words to match the image. The words bring me to your rain.

  3. Such picturesque words to describe rain. Love them and the rainy day photo.
    "Rain drops are falling on my head!"

  4. Why thank you Glennis, actually, I have been very lazy in blogland recently and although the rain has fallen it is really hot and dry right now. Update will follow shortly! Once 'the boss' gives me time off for good behaviour!!!

  5. Rain can be so healing, eh?

    Such glorious images. I like the word 'suserrant'.

  6. yes GG, it soothes everything that has been taut and frayed at the edges!


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