28 May 2010

Of football and flights of fancy.

We went up to the pasture to watch the football on Sunday. We had a great time, our team won 5-2 and the commentators were as colourful as the game.

The pasture is up the road from where we live and it was lovely to have a change of scenery and a day out.
On the way to the rum shop, with the promise of music and talk and lambie waters, T showed me this.


  1. Sometimes I see bits of Grenada on tv - there's a chap who goes island-hopping, doing Caribbean weather...I keep looking to see if I will spot you and T.

    Grenada looks idyllic.

    Even that jeep looks happy up there.

  2. HeeHee, yes GG I know the chap you mean, we watch him sometimes too, can't say we've seen him up here in the bush as yet. Idyllic? well, yes, I do find it easy to stay positive here in paradise but then I nearly always have my head in the clouds..:)


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