12 October 2010


Having completed our monthly trip to town to pay bills, the heat got the better of me.We found a shady kerbstone and there, on the other side of the street, was this building. It is half way up St John Street on the left hand side. I wondered all the usual questions..... how old it is, who built it , who lived there, who designed and made the fancy facing board, who sat on the veranda, who sold what downstairs, what does it look like inside? The building held on to all secrets and T was getting irritated, so we made our way down the hill to the bus terminal and went home.  If you know, please tell...........


  1. I'm like that about old houses too.

    Wouldn't it be great if someone could collect the stories of all the old buildings, put them in a book or on film? I'd prefer a book though.

  2. Those are the very questions that I ask every old building that I meet. They rarely answer!

  3. ....yes Peggy....wish I could sign you and GG up to
    "The #1 Disappearing Grenada Detective Agency"

  4. That's some task, Zooms :-)

    My mother knows one or two stories about one or two old houses here, which were haunted, when, who killed who where, homes about cheating spouses...

    So maybe, the old folks in Grenada might know. And you can do sketches, ooh, niiiice!

  5. ....... am getting all fired up now GG!

  6. Do, do, I don't think anything like this has been done in the C'bean.

    You can write AND draw, gosh, now I'm getting all fired up. Go, do :-)


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