2 January 2011

Pet Projects

I give you Buffy and Max, the source of my resolution for 2011, .....to have fun!
Acrylic on canvass 11" x 14".


  1. These are wonderful and the eyes I really like how you did them.

  2. The first one made me think, awww, he's so innocent.

    Then I saw the other one. That dawg is saying ptttttzzz to me, isn't he?

  3. jafabrit, thank you , the eyes kind of painted themselves, was having so much fun...no angst!

    GG, hahaha......actually, Buffy is a little lady who just wants love love love and Max always wears a confused look on his face...like he's saying "wha'appen? ' but I like what you see!


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