24 July 2012

It's been a busy time for 'T', what with one thing and another.
Beres the Wonderdog, still believing that he can fly, cut his foot on a broken bottle requiring a visit to the GSPCA for stitches.

 That same week, we both enjoyed the view from the waiting area, outside the plaster room at the general hospital, having discovered that pulled ligaments do not heal themselves.

Both Beres and I are doing fine.
We love you . xxx


  1. Hi Zooms, sorry to her about Beres.
    My own Boy Brownie is still limping around after an incident with a monkey...he too thinks he can fly.
    Hope both you and Beres get better soon.
    Check out my blog to read Brownie's story.


  2. Pulled ligaments sound painful. Feel better soon x x

    Hope the doggie heals quickly too.

    And please don't teach him to fly again :-)

  3. Thank you both, Beres is fully recovered now and my cast comes off soon.
    GG, neither of us enjoyed being 'grounded' so we may have to try a little test flight before too long but we will practice our landings first! :))

  4. I was out of commission for a while myself so I can commiserate. Not fun. Glad to hear that your landing gear is back in order and you are both clear for take-off!

  5. Zooms sorry to hear about you and Beres, however that photo of T with Beres in his arms is priceless! Take care.

  6. Peggy, I understand you have been making some major flights of your own, hope you have time to enjoy your new surroundings x
    islandgal, yes, he'd carried Beres for about 2 miles after getting a couple of rides, I think both were a bit embarrassed but a good result in the ending up!


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