8 January 2013

My Desk

Being allowed to nose around in other peoples' work places
is one of my favourite pastimes. To be invited to peek into
a private, creative and intimate space of those artists I admire
is such a treat.
That is one of the many reasons I invite you to visit
Jackie Morris
who is hosting "International Desk Day: or, nosing around other
peoples' spaces" on her blog. There, not only will you be able to
see her wonderful artwork, kittens, cats, bears, dragons and
home but also the delightful desks and work of others. You
can also join in the fun by posting your desk on your blog.


  1. Your desk is very colourful, full of life. Oh man, I love to peek into other people's homes. I have pics of my home and plan to post them when I get back. As for my desk, I don't have a desk...I sit at a table in front of the tv and write.

  2. ....and we are so glad that you do GG xxx

    1. oh god, i sound like the queen, we...is meant..of course... as your humble and delighted readers!

  3. By 'we' I thought you meant the pets :-)


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