22 April 2013

Mid Morning Break

At 10.15 a.m. the hand bell, from the school across the river, rings for morning break. I move from the beds to the shade of the shed, drink iced water, sit down on the roots of the old golden apple tree and watch the view. Dry season, it is hot. The water in the ravine trickles below Job's Tears to the river below. There is a digger working in the village of Vendome and the horns of the large trucks announce their descent of the winding mountain road. Lesser Antillean bullfinch, bananaquit and butterflies pass by with the cooling breeze that rustles the royal palms.


  1. I enjoyed everything here...the 'ice wata' as we say, the golden apple tree, the birds and butterflies. What a beautiful name for a place, Job's Tears. The video is being a bit slow so I'll look at it later and try not to envy. If only children can go outside and play more often.

    1. Thank you GG, was my first successful vid 'upload' so I may have got the settings wrong, am also a bit slow:)

  2. No, no, it wasn't you, the Internet's been a bit slow here. I looked and sighed, it's so beautiful. And I'll say it again, children everywhere should be outdoors, enjoying places like this.

  3. hmmmm, I do agree, I wish all children got to experience the beautiful outdoors GG, but then, plenty pass here, when I am not here...and thief all the mangoes without offering me one!...:)

  4. Beautiful scenery. loved hearing the birds


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