28 April 2014


 You came to visit
after 14 years
my friend.

It was
to be with you

I was afraid,
at first,
to share this
space, my place
with you who
know me
from a time

 where crystal waters
never flowed
my head
in fear
of discovery
of fraud.

Uncalled for
as it all turned out
and everything
resolved, the doubt
that kept me from
fizzled out

 We took you to our sacred sites
the places where
the world is right
a glimpse of
what could be
was seen

a crack opened
and your light
shone in.

Language that was lost
to me, flowed once more,
unceasingly, we garbled,
gabbled, giggled, gagged
 with laughter
that illuminated
darkest corners,

Playing tourist
seeing sights
being happy
feeling free

all the things you brought to me
the person that I want to be

It was so hard to let you go
just when I had got to know
that years are not a barrier to the thread that binds us, that love
stretches beyond oceans and hearts stay forever entwined when open.


  1. The beauty of friendship!

    I have a friend, I tell her she's my soul-sister. She writes poetry and she understands me. We don't have to talk, we can simply sit together and just be. We haven't been in touch with each other for a long time, she doesn't live here. Maybe now's the time.

  2. It is soo good to reconnect! BTW can you post larger sized photos on your blog? When uploading just click on large size or when finished just select all and click on large on the pull down menu.

    Hugs I hope to be in Grenada some time this year.

  3. :) yes, reconnection is special....if you hover and then click on the photos they will come up bigger and then, if you want warts whiskers and all, there should be a 'magnify' option! yay to being in Grenada :)


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