1 July 2007

Roadshow is back!

Coming up to carnival the preparations are in progress! The good news is, the local village road shows, that were banned last year and prevented by the police, are being allowed this year, within reasonable hours and areas, and our village held it's first road show today. It was good to see a real cross section of the community enjoying themselves, embracing the culture and unhampered by bad behaviour. We are experiencing an unprecedented amount of youth violence at the moment, "badness out o' style" not being observed by the disaffected youth that so badly need a voice,
positive role models and direction.

Answers are hard to come by but open hearts and minds are always a good starting point.

Humour finds it's way into the most unlikely of places though and it was amusing to see the latest carnival style is to sport as many elastoplast as possible, all feigned injuries hopefully!

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