11 July 2007

In the past.

As I leave this place of work the vibrant warm hues that the girls and I painted in the fuggy dark heat of the post Ivan, still without current, mall, with the company of the Special Forces in their bullet proof vests and touting machine guns, will be just a memory.


  1. aah, the constant "battle" between the warm palette people, the cool palette people and the non-descript palette people ;-). While you are clearly, undoubtedly a warm palette person, your boss seems to fit the nondescript category. I wonder if he suffered in the hot palette you created for the store? ;-) But to replace it with beige and brown... yukk!
    I admit, that although I could - as a shopper - be momentarily drawn to the hot palette of the store for its Indian or Middle Eastern bazar feeling of spices and an abundance of bazary thrills, I probably would not be able to put up with it for longer than, say, 15 minutes, if that long, and would most likely run away without buying much, because to me such a hot palette feels overwhelming and somewhat colorwise cacophonic. Yes, I am an epithome of an "ice queen" - a cool palette person. Give me steely greys, pinkish greys, blueish greys, sparkling silver, blinding white, all aquas, turquise, lavender, eggplant, even some magenta and limy-yellow accents, but everything definitively on the cool side. Maybe because as a pale-pink complexioned blond with grey-blue eyes I look totally washed out in any warm color, so I instincrively (?) avoid being in or close to them... :-). Are you a feisty brunette with golden or olive skin tones, that looks vibrant in hot colors?

  2. Hi Minerva,
    You were on my mind today.
    Mexican, female, ex-boss.
    Me, feisty?
    Brunette? Colour of choice from the bottle.
    Skin? Hmmm, sort of tropical yellow.
    I do love the colour turquoise and I don't believe that as a 'wild strawberry' loving individual you are an 'ice queen".
    Thanks, as always, for your thought provoking post.


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