30 July 2008


Candy striped, tiny toadstool,
found hiding beneath the foliage,
when weeding a drain.


  1. Ooh ooh, I like. I'm fascinated by mushroom-type things. Here we call 'em 'jumbie umbrella.' [Jumbie is ghost]. I quite enjoy the edible ones, mushrooms, that is, not ghosts, haha.

  2. You know, I wonder if you've stumbled on something new? I thought I'd seen every type of mushroom/fungi. I use lots of composted mushroom manure and old horse bedding which is their favorite medium. I have never seen something with two colors.

  3. Tom, that's interesting. I will search still.
    Blisshill, indeed.

  4. GG, Ilove how everything has a twist, Jumbie umbrella is lovely, although, I have to say plenty jumbie here don't walk with one, ha ha.
    Minerva, I think so too, makes weeding all that bit more interesting!

  5. very nice fungi looks tasty though i suppose it is not!

  6. Hi Darrel, hmmmm, in my limited experience brightly coloured fungi is a warning 'keep off, I'm poisonous' sign. Don't think I'll put it to the test though.


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