4 July 2008

All work and no play...................

Can it really be

seven months, since we

went to the beach?


  1. One thing I miss...a blue sea. Sitting under a tree, picking up round stones and tiny sea glass. I had to "counsel" myself to not grieve for it when I got back here. Though we live by the sea, it's not blue. And we don't really have beaches, we're too below sea-level.

    When you get to the beach, blow some kisses to the blue sea for me.

  2. It's hard to believe we take it for granted. I ride down on my bike and look at it every morning, but I haven't gone shelling in ages. It's like finding treasure.


  3. GG, will do, How come your sea is not blue? What colour is your sky?
    I will blow lots of kisses but I don't know when.
    Tom, pick up some shells for me and GG please.

  4. SEVEN ? months??? On a small tropical island known for great beaches?
    You must be working waaaay too much... waaaay too much. Take better care of your inner child, please, Play more! :-)

  5. http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=66460

    See via the above link how the aboriginal women build beautiful designs with sea shells.

    I saw it last Sunday on TV.

  6. This part of the Atlantic is the shallowest and the HUGE St. American rivers wash everything into it...it's brown...every shade of brown, depending on the weather...milky brown, cream, silver with a touch of bronze...that sort of thing.

    You MUST go to the sea soon. Gosh. I'm blissing out just thinking of it.


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