31 August 2008

Letter to God

Dear God,
So sorry to bother but there are one or two things that have been bothering me for some time now and this seems the perfect moment to discuss them. Firstly, it matters not whether the music in Your Name, be Reggae for Jah or Godster Rap, neither will have any influence on my relationship with You, other than I may be forced to break more than one Commandment, in the near future, if your DJ 'pulls up' again. Secondly, can you please inform all of your preachers, prophets, pastors and priests that I don't like to be shouted at, or do they have to do that because the rest of the flock are stone deaf because of the volume of the above, on what was, up to now, a peaceful Sunday afternoon?

Thanks for listening, if you can hear me,
yours truly,


  1. When I lived in the Caribbean, the people praying in the market square made such a joyful noise unto the Lord, way past 2 am, my windows were vibrating. I couldn't sleep. Had to work the next day! My neighbour called the police and that was the end of that!

  2. Ha ha GG so you experience this too, the police , well one, who is seeing one of T's sisters, was on our veranda at the time asking
    " who playing dat music? I like it."

  3. Great letter, to the point and right on target. I wonder if the shouting religious folks ever thought about how God feels about the way they represent Him? I think that God is as disgusted with them and I am!


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