8 August 2008


Still a bit fuggish but it seems to be clearing. I was going to write a post about carnival but BBB has done an excellent job already.


  1. Thanks for your comment about the "Saz in Dub" recordings on my blog. How did you originally find this? And what's this about Soca?

  2. Hi Matthew, I originally found you at
    Free Albums Galore,
    the link is over on the right of this blog under the heading,
    " music to paint by"
    I love your music.
    As you may realise, I have a Celtic soul.
    Soca is the music of Grenada but different from Trinidad, in that here, carnival soca is more to do with 'jabjab' which is a very important mas and a traditional part of carnival here. to play this mas requires a lot of old engine oil, rum, chains and a crash helmet with horns.The rythym is what we move to, with the emphasis on the base line and the waist and hips, but the vocals are reliant on repetition and more like a hyper trance chant, with conch shell high lights. I defy anyone to not move to the soca beat.


thanks for visiting, it is lovely to see you here.

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