13 September 2008

From coconuts to compost

I sit in the shade of
the coconut palm
and drink a young coconut water,
that T has given me
to cure my stomach upset.

I watch as T
cuts and carries the grass,
for our new compost maker.

It is heavy.

When your land
is in need of enrichment
and you have no cow,
no problem,
borrow one,
that way you get
free manure
and the owner has
one less animal to feed.

Others view the proceedings
with indifference, but then,
they have seen it all before.


  1. Oh, young coconut water....you're so lucky. I would love to have some right now. Hope you enjoyed.

  2. Hi Lemongrass, Yes, Iam and I always enjoy it, bad stomach or not.
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. I love, love coconut water. when I lived in Antigua that's all I drank-I would buy a large 1.5 bottle from the vendor on the way to work and have that with break, lunch, as well as when I got home for dinner.
    A new compost maker-that's a good one. i know how fantastic cow manure is for veggies and ornamentals.
    I just planted huazontle ( Red Aztec spinach) and Greek amaranth seeds that I got i San Francisco. They germinated within 2 days! If I have a successful crop I'll let you know and if you would like seeds I can save and mail them to you.

  4. Nicole, thank your lovely comments and for your very kind offer, which we would be delighted to receive.

  5. The cow is a great idea. You must be fighting back all that green stuff constantly.

    I heard a clever trick for rejuvenating a weedy veggie garden, and that was to borrow/buy a small pig, and let it loose. It would clear it out and turn everything over in preparation for planting.

  6. Do you also happen to know the trick on composting coconut shells? I heard they take two years to decompost in a pile... Any compost makers that use them?

  7. Hi Blisshill, lovely to hear from you, yes, I read that pigs are extremely good at cleaning land because they burrow down and eat all the roots, but as we live in a place without fences the idea of 'letting it loose' may not go down to well with our neighbours. All animals are tethered here, with the exception of yard fowl, which I wish were, only in someone else's yard.
    Minerva, actually, yes. A man who owns a lovely nursery near here, gets his coconut compost from the prison, where it is processed. It has a special name but I can't remember what it is right now. The good thing about it is that it is moisture retentive and so an excellent compost, or mulch, during the dry season. coi, it is called coi although my spelling may be a bit off.

  8. Hi Minerva, Zooms-yes the coconut shells and coir are used extensively as a substrate to germinate seeds, including palm seeds, as mulch and as material to grow orchids and other terrestrial plants

  9. That's what I told my mother, let's get a cow! We'd put it to graze in the empty land across the road and we'd collect the manure.

    Did the coconut water work?

  10. Nicole, thanks for the info and the correct spelling!

    GG, The cow is a great idea, but if you see the ammount of grass and such that it eats, you may be biting off more than you can chew and less than the cow can. ha ha. What you need is a cow and a 'T'.
    Yes, coconut water is the best, an instant cure for stomach ailments, cramps etc. and lots of other things. Maybe a new post too.

  11. Coconut water also boots one immunity and contains and antiviral agent. The young coconut water has salts and minerals for re hydration.

  12. Nicole, I can attest to the virtues of coconut water. I am severely allergic to the maribone wasp to the extent of going into anylphylactic shock. Post Ivan, there were a lot of 'maibone' in the air, presumably having lost their homes too, and I was stung several times. Fortunately, there was sufficient adrenalin in my system to combat them on day one, but by day two, I felt decidedly ill. T remembered that his grandfather had told him, if I ever got sick from them again, the best thing to give me was coconut water, with a little sugar and salt. Sure enough, it worked a treat, which was just as well, as all the roads were blocked and there was no way I could have got to the hospital in time.

  13. Oh my, that must have been scary! Thankfully you were able to recover. If its any consolation, wasp stings also do boost your system (the adage what doesn't kill makes you stronger rings true here!)


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