4 September 2008


All or thoughts are with those who are are on islands that are experiencing the forces of nature that overwhelm and destroy. Right now , right here, we have unusual heat and no rain.


  1. I really love this photo. It would make a marvelous painting! Such beautiful colours and design.


  2. Thank you Blisshill, Just what I needed, encouraging words. x

  3. Zooms I wanted to send you a message but I didn't know how to. You have been a faithful visitor to my blogger site and I truly appreciate your patronage. But, as I am sure you have realized the content is not as riveting as it once was (and does not compare to the wordpress blog I once authored). I'm not closing the blog, however, I have started a new one which will be more about me, and my life and the things I do on a day to day basis. I'm sure your time will be better spent visiting it than browsing web junk. Your blog is always refreshing and I am sure it represents your free spirit. Sorry for taking over your comments section but I wanted you to know as I value your viewership.

    Here is the link to my new blog:


  4. I love this picture! I know this porch and remember one fine day with the nice people who sleep in the pink room and grow a beautiful bountiful garden near by.
    There is a lovely breeze blowing through the lagoon today. But it is still very HOT. I give thanks for the short rain showers we've had in St Georges.
    Saturdays are not the same when we don't see you around the pool game.
    We are still here and look forward to seeing two new beautiful smiles one day soon.
    If you don't know who mangosong is, think of Tenacity, then you will know.

  5. Hi mangosong, we miss you too. The smiles are still 'work in progress' and remain in hiding but I am sure that T will return to pool before long. So good to hear from you, hope all is well and that the sweet breezes keep blowing for you. It is really hot up here so I can only imagine how it feels down south. The waterfalls are refreshing whenever you feel for a visit and a change of scene. With love H and T X X X

  6. Jamsprint, you are welcome here any time, am looking forward to reading your new blog.


thanks for visiting, it is lovely to see you here.

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