13 October 2008


It is not unusual, during the course of a morning,
as we weed or mole or fork the land, for us to unearth
some pottery shard or rusted garden implement from
long ago. Flat irons and horse shoes, axe heads and hoes,
red clay roof tiles and nuts and bolts, often present themselves
as the earth is turned, but, today, I found...........

We have had, 'river so high we cannot cross', rain,
and as I was running to the shed to shelter
from another downpour, the rim caught my eye.
Snatching it from the okra bed,
where it lay, smothered in the red mud,
I knew I held a pipe bowl in my hand.
We have found them before, at home, in the yard,
behind the house. T's grandmother used to smoke one.
White clay with a basket weave design.

Only on letting the rain wash over
what lay in my outstretched palm,
did I see the face stare back at me.
This was not grandmother's, nor her mother's
but a pipe from the 1800's,
when those that worked this land
did not do so from choice.


  1. What a treasure! It's good to come & browse around your blog(s) again--I haven't been by in a while. I love your photographs of all the plants & greenery.

  2. I am so glad this treasure found you!

  3. Awesome find... where abouts in Grenada might this be?

  4. Christine, thanks and thanks for your visit,

    Peggy, me too,

    Gooch, above Ananndale Falls.

  5. Gooch, oops Annandale, have just seen your photos of the same, haven't seen Jacko in a while, but Kenny, your jumper, is a lovely, interesting and informative guy.

  6. A gift from the land, Zooms! What will you do with that piece of history?

  7. GG, am not sure. I think I am supposed to share and maybe give him to the museum but, right now I just feel to hold him for a little while.

  8. I am sure you'll look after him. Keep and enjoy.

    Just finished watching Time Team, where they've been digging up Cambridge shire. Every little shard is a treasure and tells a story.

  9. Wow, what a find. Keep it for now-museum when you are old and ready to pop :)
    Also love the top sign.

  10. Blisshill, Yes, so many stories, they whisper to me when i weed

    Nicole, 'ready to pop' I love it. The sign is a good one and I know just how he feels.

  11. blackgirl on mars, that's exactly right.


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