19 October 2008

To Expectation

And when I tire and think of you
and all the things that you can do,
displaying hard won confidence
becomes my final obstinance,
and in the face of all your foes
I throw abandon, where it grows,
unabated, in the shade
of high achievement, duty paid.


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  2. What a beautiful blog--very peaceful here! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! It is much appreciated.
    Hugs from Mars!
    the lab

  3. You are most welcome blackgirl on mars, Glad that you find it peaceful here, it is my escape. Right now, next door are breaking a wall, two cement trucks are passing and the yard foul are in competition with T's nephew's new speaker box.

  4. Blackgirl on Mars is right, it's very peaceful here, I thought I was the only one who'd discovered this :-)

    Well, if the blog is a reflection of your mind, Zooms, then your mind is a wonderful place.

  5. GG, thank you,
    with blushes. x

  6. always good to check in with you zooms. as the other commentees have said it is peaceful here. your poetry is beautiful. i keep my copy of your writing about stones in my studio where i can visibly see it and read it.

  7. You do seem a peaceful gal Zooms.

  8. Indigomar, such compliments, thanks. I am glad that you like the poems.

    Blisshill, I think I am mostly, but, like everyone else, I do have my moments.


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