3 November 2008

Birds on the wire

Six a.m. the cattle egrets, on their nocturnal perch, preen.
Satisfied with plumage preparations the flock departs,
simultaneously receiving runway clearance,
dispersing towards, separate, bovine assignations.
Come dusk, their appetites for parasites satisfied,
the egrets, in elegant ghostly flight, leave
high hillside garden pasture cow pens,
descend in formation, settle back to the wire.


  1. We have cattle egrets here in Australia as well. I am surprised to hear of them parking on the wires, that their toes would have been too long.

    Such an elegant bird.

  2. Blisshill, not my perch of choice either, but each to their own.....

  3. i'd like to see the perch! last cattle egrets i saw were in grenada on the old runway at pearls.
    thanks for the great photo


  4. They won't be at Pearls this week D.
    Live ammunition practice.

  5. I am delighted to find your blogs!

    In Jamaica we call them 'gaulings'. We have a silly poem about them that we say to a catchy rhythm:

    Phillip pick ticks
    Phillip pick ticks
    Phillip pick ticks
    Outta cow backbone!

  6. Hi and welcome Jacqueline. Thanks for the poem, it's perfect.


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