13 November 2008

West Indian Sorrel

Hibiscus sabdariffa
firm red wax calyx
precision incisions
sharp steel
separates seed
and succulence
staining skin.


Old rum bottles
sparkle clean washed glass
open mouthed
stand still
swallow slowly
and savour
season's sorrel


  1. Mmmm. It's that time of year again! Ginger. Did you forget to add ginger?

  2. Hi Jacqueline, ooooh no, can't forget ginger, I also add clove and cinnamon and a couple of 'secret' ingredients. Once the smell of the sorrel simmering permeates the house, and parang is playing on the bus, then I feel like Christmas is close.

  3. We had sorrel this weekend. We don't add ginger though, we just have it with a few spices and cinnamon, it's the pure sorrel flavour we like.

    It doesn't feel like Christmas here as yet, I guess it's because we have so many other holidays in between, Diwali was just done, then there's Eid again.

    Glass. I'm fascinated by glass.

  4. GG so many holidays and celebrations.
    Our Christmas is quite low key,still very traditional although the 'neighbour' might not 'bring out the ham' as before. We don't so much do presents and cards but the tree will get a dust down and the lights will come out, as will the food and drink. I just love how the sorrel looks in those old washed glass bottles. Such colour.

  5. What about the fruit cake? At the end of a long day a big slice of fruit caka and a glass of cool sorrel......give you the guts to carry on tomorrow.

  6. Hi Lemongrass,
    you are so right, unfortunately the only 'fruit cake' available at the moment, is probably me.

  7. I've never had sorrel...sounds like I'm missing something wonderful. Your words entice!
    Here in Ohio we have the look of Christmas, we've had a big snowfall with more to come tomorrow.
    mary ann

  8. :-) I've had quite a bit of sorrel so far. All of which was bought from the super market. Nothing home made yet. Tis' the season to be sorrel!

  9. Hi Mary Ann, I'll gladly swap you some sorrel for some snow, well, just until my toes get froze.

    hurdlechamp, I like 'tis the season.....' we are hoping to sell some too, I must remember that line in my sales pitch.

  10. N.B. Sorrel, unsweetened, without the ginger, tastes rather like cranberry juice. I don't like it too sweet but a bit of sugar is nice.

  11. Me too, GG, so T gets to add his own sugar afterwards, he likes his juice to be like syrup, poured over ice.


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