4 June 2010

The Felling of the Breadfruit Tree

With the arrival of the Hurricane season on June 1st, T decided 'it was time'.

 The breadfruit tree behind the house, having fed the family for many years,
survived three hurricanes, various infestations, old age and neglect,

finally succumbed to this year's drought.
P.S. If you visit D, the first shot, click and magnify please, is for you .xxx


  1. Ohhh too sad. My granny had a breadfruit tree and when she died it was cut down. I love breadfruit and can still remember the sound of them falling on the galvanized roof when they were in season. I MISS that tree. I am sure you will miss yours:-(

  2. Better to take it down than to let it fall... still sad. Plant another? I've never tried breadfruit. It's now on my list!

  3. Ow, ow. Yes, it is sad.

    My nanee had a breadfruit tree too. It fed my mother and her sisters, provided some money when they sold some breadfruit, gave charity when the very poor came to ask for one...then it died...the entire land is so neglected, no-one lives in the old house now.

  4. better to take it down than let it fall. I totally agree.

  5. Hi Ruthi, yes, especially as it would have fallen on our house >.<

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