26 June 2010

BP Portrait Awards and the Ripple effect.

While BP is busy painting its' very own 'portrait in oils', and as worthy as the winners of the BP Portrait Awards no doubt are, please spare a thought for those artists who are doing their best to create a Ripple.
( with thanks to Surfrider for the wave photo)


  1. Unfortunately there might be soon even more "oil portraits" like the one BP is "painting" in the Gulf of Mexico. Belize government, for example, gave away oil concessions over practically the entire territory of Belize, including the barrier reef and the atolls - areas awfully vulnerable to oil spills - and a global treasure. If you want to have your say about please join SATIIM's anti-oil campaign. Go there: http://satiim.blogspot.com/2010/06/help-avert-ecological-disaster.html and tell Belize's government what you think about it.

  2. Thank you Minerva, will do.......is a fine line between trying to create an economic boost for poor countries and staying poor but beautiful...


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