26 April 2012


 The hunter/gatherer returns with smiles and salty tales
of tangled rock snared lines,well cast,
yet destined for the deep.
 The mountain man, so adept in the river and its' pools.
was out of depth, and patience, as the sea ran with his spool
of tackle, spent, hooks, lines and sinkers,
the sun was sinking too,
when Barracuda made his move
and brought this gift to you.


  1. He didn't buy it, did he? Then came home with tales of heroic struggles? Haha, just kidding, I know someone who used to do that.

    How I want some baked fish! I should buy a nice chunk of fish and grill it with a spritz of lime juice, a sprinkle of black pepper.

    1. haha, GG, nah, he just about had the busfare home that day!

  2. Yum. And such lovely lines to describe the day. The sea and poetry were made for one another.


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