18 May 2012


I woke to find Edward prostrate on the mat. 
Despite having had the stuffing knocked out of him he still wore that ''Don't worry, I understand'' expression.
I felt guilty. Poor Edward. How could I have forgotten him?

my apologies to Jeneveve who chose this week's Weekword and unbelievably I chose the same subject matter as she did! Her sketch is wonderful and I feel even worse for Edward now that I know I didn't do him justice!


  1. Oh, Edward is a sweetheart! I'm another grown woman who can't be without her bears, and if you've not met them yet this is probably a good opportunity... http://pudnspare.wordpress.com/ ;)

  2. Dear Edward! He does look like such a kind soul.

  3. Edward has been with me through thick and thin. Dad bought him from M&S just after I was born. Apparently it took him ages to choose the one with the right face.
    I will always be a one bear woman and yes, Edward is the only one who really understands!

  4. Your photo's lovely and I'm sure does poor Edward justice! Clearly bears are too easily forgotten.


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