21 May 2012

Happy Monday

We started the day in Corn Buck. It has been a long time since we went up together with lunch and a purpose. The weather was kind, no rain, and a cloud filtered sun . T had begun work up there already and invited me to join him 'just to see'.

I saw

and set to, freeing stones. There is something delightful about cutting this bush, there are no monetary rewards, no fanfares or applause but once free of vine and vegetation, the stones stand for something that I cannot explain other than to say it matters.

T took the opportunity to wash the dogs' bedding in the river, spreading them out to dry on warm river stones, which have totally different personalities from the ones in the bush.

Once home I did my share and washed the white things, a task
divided into manageable bites by frequent internet visits and refreshments  between rinses, combined with some lively music to maintain the momentum.


  1. If more people were to celebrate this sort of accomplishment more often, they'd be more happiness. Instead, it's all about how much we have. No wonder so many people are sour.

  2. lovely. your lifestyle continues to inspire me. you are doing it! ;-) much love from cph!

  3. Thank you. x Knowing that we are embracing different cultures, for one reason or another, and are united by the Caribbean makes me happy! Much love to you both x


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