18 September 2012



I am not good in the mornings. I am not one of those bouncy,happy, chatty, jump out of bed and straight away carpe deum types. I surface slowly, dragged from a world that is as reluctant to let me go as I am to leave.Coffee helps, as does bird song and the dark before dawn and the stillness of a day not yet begun by anyone. I have written morning pages for years now. I have volumes of mostly illegible, subconscious scribbling interspersed with patterns and ideas and sketches. A soup of stuff that flows in these early hours unrestrained by 'the critic' or the dollar. The ritual done, I get out of bed, make it and wander downstairs to the kitchen, where T will be with more coffee and porridge.......and this particular morning...Angel Trumpets to start the day!


  1. What a charming home you have.

    Hmm...the fact that you have 'volumes' of scribbles, written in the morning, says you're a morning person, doesn't it? :-) Most folks would be sleeping while you scribble.

    I used to love going for walks but the roads are so dusty, and the cars, argh, the cars!

    1. Thankyou GG, for kind words about home :)If you see where I live you will know that getting up early is essential, before the traffic, the buses and the passers bye, besides, if we are still in bed by 6, people passing call out loud, wanting to know why!!!

  2. hehehehe...nooo GG.... am not concious! but I do love this ritual, the moment before we leave the dream world and enter the reality, when all seems possible and nothing has burst the day's bubble!

  3. I love angel trumpets and have been looking around to see where I can get a plant. Haven't found any at any nursery here as yet. The kitchen shelf is cute.


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