2 October 2012

Burning Bush

What do you do
on those days
when the universe
appears to conspire
against you?
When hopes, dreams,
desires and the
best of intentions
are frustrated
at every turn?

T burns bush.!


  1. I bet the bush quivers when T. walks by, hahaha.

    I listen to Mumford & Sons. Or Dire Straits. Or some rock music from the 60's & 70's.

  2. GG, it's usually all the old fig straw or fallen breadfruit leaf that are involved in the conflagration. The first I know of T being in a pickle is when I see or smell the smoke rise. On his return he's able to talk and laugh about it! Little Lion Man on full blast,combined with frantic house cleaning... now that works for me!:)


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