8 October 2012

El Diablito and the Book of Possibilities

I started working on some ideas for a still life painting this morning.  I like planning things out in a sketchbook. Using watercolour and with no particular discipline or end result in mind at this stage, I usually stick on some music, (it was The Incredible String Band today) and dive in to see what happens. It's a lovely feeling, there is no pressure or expectation as the water and paint mingle freely. I am besotted with the combination of Paynes Grey and Burnt Sienna, oranges with crimson, deep blues and emerald green. El Diablito, who believes that my work table is his, came to see what was going on and lend a paw. I imagine he'll work his way into the painting too.


  1. that is an amazing cat! amazing energy and space. you are so blessed!

  2. Such a star, he likes helping me with the knitting and cooking as well. Am glad you like the space...it's our hurricane shelter really but I commandeered half of it. T has all his tools, garden stuff and muddy boots in the other half:)


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